GMM visits LNM

Standing room only at Lodge Newton Mearns!

Lodge Newton Mearns No.1706 attracted such a large number of Brethren to their regular meeting on Thursday, 21st November 2019, that the hall ran out of chairs for the 127 who signed the book!

Two factors played a part in the large attendance: it was the last night in the Chair for popular RWM Bro. Mahmood Ullah, and word had trickled out that Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason, Brother William Ramsay McGhee, would be among the guests.

It was the GMM’s first ever visit to Lodge Newton Mearns – founded in 1975 and the youngest Lodge in the Province of Renfrewshire East.

Having opened the Lodge and invited 15 visiting Masters from within and outwith the Province to the East, RWM Mahmood Ullah welcomed a large Deputation from Lodge Eaglesham No.1265 headed by their RWM Bro. Allan MacGregor who were to carry out the Mark Ceremonial with assistance of Brethren from Lodge St Andrew No.524.

A Deputation including the Most Worshipfull Grand Master Mason and the RWPGM of Renfrewshire East, Bro. Neil Fraser, was then welcomed into the Lodge.

Following the Mark Ceremonial during which three Brethren were Advanced, the GMM expressed his delight at seeing the packed lodge, commented on the excellence of the degree work, thanked RWM Bro. Mahmood Ullah for his warm welcome and wished him well in his “retirement.”

Before the meeting was closed, Bro. Shane Cowan PM of Lodge Newton Mearns thanked RWM Bro. Mahmood Ullah on behalf of the PMs and Brethren for his hard work of behalf of the lodge throughout his year in the chair.

It was noted that the presence of the GMM making his first ever visit to Lodge Newton Mearns was “the icing on the cake” of a very successful year for the lodge.

Following the ceremony visitors enjoyed Lodge Newton Mearns’s famous buffet harmony and raffle.

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